Scotland Excel launches £1.5bn new build framework

Scotland Excel has launched its £1.5bn New Build Residential Construction contract to help accelerate the delivery of 50,000 new affordable homes

Scotland Excel joined forces with 11 Scottish councils to create the four-year framework to support the Scottish Government’s £3bn commitment to fund the building of 50,000 affordable new build homes, including 35,000 for social rent by 2021.

This investment is expected to leverage economic output of around £1.4bn per year, supporting up to 12,000 jobs.

The New Build Residential Construction framework, which went live on 26 August, was developed to significantly reduce the time taken to procure the building of a range of social housing properties from contractors.

The framework covers a wide range of property types including affordable houses, flats, residential homes, student accommodation and social rented or mixed tenure.

The new build framework was specifically designed to create opportunities for SMEs to participate. Companies could tender to build small projects of 1-15 properties with the choice of ‘build only’ or ‘design and build’ depending on their capabilities, and there are further lots for 16-25, 26-40 and 40+ properties.

Companies were also given the opportunity to bid to deliver projects nationally or submit offers for specific council areas.

Councillor John Shaw, convener of Scotland Excel, said: “The £1.5bn New Build Construction framework is a major opportunity for Scotland’s councils and housing associations. The contract makes it easier for contracting authorities to engage with suppliers and deliver housing that benefits society.

“It covers all 32 council areas and supports the Scottish Government’s ambitious plans to build 50,000 new homes by 2021. The way the framework is designed means it will not only speed up the process, it will also free up resources and finances that can be invested in employment initiatives, deliver community benefits and reduce environmental impact.”

Nineteen suppliers including 13 SMEs were placed on the £1.5bn framework, after a robust two-stage restricted procurement process.

The suppliers are:
  1. Andrew Shepherd Construction Ltd

  2. Ashleigh (Scotland) Limited

  3. Bancon Construction Ltd

  4. CCG (Scotland) Ltd

  5. Central Building Contractors (Glasgow) Ltd

  6. CHAP Group (Aberdeen) Ltd

  7. City Building (Contracts) LLP

  8. Clark Contracts Ltd

  9. Cruden Investments Ltd

  10. McLaughlin & Sons Limited

  11. ENGIE Regeneration Limited

  12. Hadden Construction Limited

  13. JR Construction (Scotland) Ltd

  14. McTaggart Construction Ltd

  15. Mears Limited

  16. MM Miller (Wick) Ltd

  17. Springfield Properties PLC

  18. Stewart and Shields Ltd

  19. Urban Union Ltd

A 0.5% rebate has been built into the contract that will be split between the 11 funding councils and Scotland Excel. This will ensure the continued development of the framework and provide income into the public purse.

Councillor Shaw continued: “The 19 suppliers on the framework represent a cross-section of the construction industry in Scotland today. Almost 70% are SMEs and all pay the Scottish Living Wage to employees as standard.

“If we can help to create jobs in the areas where the houses are being built then we’re not only contributing to employment opportunities, we’re helping to create communities.”

The framework allows for innovative construction methods including offsite construction and PassivHaus.

Another innovation in the framework is the use of project bank accounts. Where selected, these support prompt payments to the supply chain, often within five days.

Nationwide Sureties blog in association with Engage.


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