Highways England takes control of asset management

Highways England is to take more control in asset management as part of its commitment to enhance the way England’s motorways and major A-roads are maintained, improved and operated

The innovative new asset management system – Progressive Asset Delivery (PAD) – comes after more than a year’s planning and was rolled out in the Midlands and the South East on 1 July.

PAD will provide a link between the traditional Asset Support Contracts and the Asset Delivery model that puts Highways England in direct control of asset management, maintenance and other services.

The three-year contracts have been awarded to Kier as an extension to the existing ASC arrangements that have been performing at a high level across the Midlands and the South East.

The new arrangements will see the smooth transition of services into Highways England’s direct control with the continued support of the supplier.

This safety net offered by Kier will ensure it is ‘business as usual’ while allowing the business to explore new and more efficient ways of working as it moves towards Asset Delivery.

It will also ensure Highways England can maintain excellent levels of customer service, delivery and safety as it makes the transition.

PAD has been introduced to Highways England’s Area 3 – Hampshire, Surrey, Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Dorset, Wiltshire and part of Buckinghamshire – and Area 9 – West Midlands, Shropshire, Worcestershire, Herefordshire, Warwickshire, Staffordshire and part of North Gloucestershire.

As part of the changes, Highways England will welcome almost 120 new colleagues into the business from Kier.

The new contracts target 13 business objectives which include setting up regional operations centres as Highways England-controlled single deployment organisations responsible for incident and congestion management.

Midlands divisional director, Catherine Brookes, said: “This is a huge change to how we will provide our services in the West Midlands. We are taking the controlling role in asset management and investment decisions but also continuing to build on the great collaborative relationships developed over the past five years in our contract with Kier and the wider supply chain.

“We see this as a journey and will be working hard to learn and develop our capabilities and the right approach for future delivery. The progressive nature of this contractual arrangement will allow us to gradually develop and enhance our delivery approach over the three-year period.”

Area 3 divisional director, Nicola Bell, said: “The transition to Progressive Asset Delivery marks a significant milestone for us in the South East and is a real testament to the commitment and determination of the team in Kier and Highways England who have worked collaboratively to make it happen.

“Collaboration is essential to our approach and we look forward to working with our supply chain to share skills and knowledge over the coming months.”

Kier Highways executive director, Dave Wright, said: “We have a long history of working in Area 3 and Area 9 and we are proud to have assisted Highways England in mobilising this next contract – Progressive Asset Delivery.

“As the first service provider to support the client in this way, we would like to thank our teams for working so hard in such a short space of time to achieve a shared goal. This is the true definition of collaboration.

“We are also extremely proud to be mobilising the new Area 9 Technology Maintenance Contract which is a highly specialised field and we look forward to the next three years working alongside our colleagues in Highways England.”

Nationwide Sureties blog post in association with Engage

Source: https://www.pbctoday.co.uk/news/planning-construction-news/highways-england-asset-management/59449/

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