Race begins for second North West contractor framework

Procure Partnerships has begun the hunt for contractors to help shape the structure of the second iteration of the North West Contractor Framework

Procure Partnerships has successfully been operating and delivering a successful framework across the North West of England for the past three years, supporting the procurement and delivery of over 100 construction projects.

The North West contractor framework aims to push the boundaries of how procurement can support public sector bodies to deliver their strategic targets. The current framework is designed to be flexible and provides clients with four call off options and eight call off contracts.

Like the current framework, this second iteration will not include any direct fee for public sector bodies across the North West.

As well as helping to facilitate collaboration and innovation to deliver projects, the North West contractor framework will be structured to enable the delivery of meaningful social value, benefitting communities, environment and helping to protect the future of the industry through enhanced upskilling and training.

‘Building on four years of best practice’

Robbie Blackhurst, framework director, said: “We are delighted to be launching the second iteration of our highly successful North West contractor framework.

“This renewal will build upon four years of best practice and allow us to continue to support the public sector with a ‘best in class’ contractor procurement service up to 2026 and beyond.”

Contractors can register their initial interest here.


Source: PCB Today

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