Construction begins on main station box at HS2 Old Oak Common

Work has begun on the 850m-long main station box at HS2’s Old Oak Common station, as concrete frame and substructure specialist, Expanded, started on site.

Expanded has been appointed by Balfour Beatty, VINCI SYSTRA joint venture (BBVS), HS2’s Station Construction Partner responsible for the construction of the new HS2 Old Oak Common Station to deliver the main station box.

The Main Station Box

The station box is a reinforced concrete structure that will form the frame and base for the HS2 station building.

Once complete, Old Oak Common station is set to be the best connected and largest new railway station ever built in the UK in a single stage, becoming one of the country’s most vital transport super hubs.

Permanent construction for the station began in June 2021, as transport secretary Grant Shapps, gave the heads up to signal the start of works.

The main construction of the 850m-long station box began on 27 October, and will excavate 20m below ground level, removing 690,000 cubic metres of clay, before placing 32,000 tonnes of steel and pouring 190,000 cubic tonnes of reinforced concrete.

The form of excavation known as “top down” construction allows the ground floor slab to be constructed initially with a series of mole holes allowing access for the large excavators to remove the earth from within.

The construction of the box at the east of the site allows the tunnel boring machines (TBM) to be launched towards Euston.

Work to build the station will provide 2,300 jobs, and act as a catalyst for the UK’s largest regeneration project in the Old Oak and Park Royal area.

‘A key milestone for Old Oak Common’

HS2’s deputy project client for Old Oak Common station, Rob Avery, said: “The start of work on the gigantic station box structure is a key milestone for the team at Old Oak Common.

“Work is progressing well on site and we are pleased that Expanded have now joined us on site as the programme continues to move forward.”

Once complete, Old Oak Common station will have 14 platforms and allow a mixture of six high speed and eight conventional service platforms.

‘’Utilising our modular bridges capabilities’

Expanded business unit leader, Peter Lyons also commented: “The award of this contract builds on our extensive experience in the rail sector, especially in London and will see us work on another HS2 project where we have previously delivered bridges utilising our modular bridges capabilities.

“We are proud to be joining forces with the Balfour Beatty, VINCI, SYSTRA joint venture in delivering the main station box. We began pre-construction works in May and the team are pleased to have now started this mammoth task.”

‘State-of-the-art HS2 station building’

Balfour Beatty VINCI SYSTRA Project Director Nigel Russell added: “We are pleased to be working with Expanded on the delivery of the station box, which represents an integral part of Old Oak Common Station.

“The reinforced concrete box will form the frame and base for the new state-of-the-art HS2 station building as well as the six underground high-speed platforms.”


Source: pbc today

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