Avonmouth Centre Injects £5.3 Million Into Local Economy

A Resource Recovery Centre, in Avonmouth Bristol costing £252 million, has put £5.3 million back into the local economy.

Once up and running, the multi-million pound plant will divert roughly 320,000 tonnes of non-hazardous industrial waste from landfills, while making 34MW of low carbon energy – this is enough to supply 44,000 homes with electrical power.

Recycling/renewable energy company and developer of the build Viridor, has at this moment in time spent £5.3 million on the waste management centre; along with other local business within a 30 mile radius of the site.

The construction has been on-going for a year and is expected to take at least another 2 years to complete.

Somerset County Council will use a third of the waste management centre’s available space to redirect waste that is currently being sent to three landfill sites.

Project Manager, Helen Moon at Viridor has said that both Viridor and its construction partners are working hard to ensure that local businesses contributing to the build are fully supported throughout every stage of the process.

She added that Viridor’s dedication to creating strong relationships with the local businesses will benefit the site and the local area enormously.

B&A group will be supplying more than 200,000 tonnes of recycled building materials to help build the plant.

B&A Group’s recycling aggregate sales manager said that the company are happy to be working with Viridor to support the facility.

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