Contractors sought for £800m roads work

Surrey County Council is seeking contractors for £800m worth of highways maintenance work.

The local authority has launched a pre-market engagement for a vast array of roads works. The council said it wanted a supplier to deliver its core highways maintenance requirements, but also wanted one that is able to “identify and implement innovative services and solutions throughout the lifetime of the contract”.

It added that it hopes “to establish a new way of delivering such contracts to maximise the potential for success for both itself and the appointed supplier”.

The council revealed it had already conducted preliminary market engagement with a selection of established suppliers. It said that, while this has been “extremely useful”, it wanted to build on the work and “ensure it is in the best possible position to launch a formal procurement process later this year”.

Contractors can express an interest by filling in their details here.

Last week Highways England announced it was looking for a contractor to take on a £180m construction and maintenance contract in the North East.

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