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VR Solutions Empower Designers’ Creative Flow

April 12, 2018

ebb3, who are experts in network infrastructure performance for 3D graphics, have announced they will apply Citrix® technology, so designers within industries such as automotive, aerospace and builders will have a VR solution.



VR (also known as Virtual Reality) has grown rapidly in popularity over the past year, especially for designers due to its unique ability. This ability allows users to help visualise the project that they are developing. Also, it allows non-technical client to see the design process and be able to get involved.


Citrix® technology will be used within the ebb3 High-Performance Virtual Computer (HPVC) system to help create VR solutions with an ‘on-net capability’. This allows the workers to be able to get away from the physical workstation and to go anywhere and design. At the moment, VR systems are constrained by cords, or poor wireless connection, which means that users are restricted to a certain environment that they can work. Unfortunately, this disables them from being able to go into a field and test their models.


ebb3’s HPVC system, with Citrix® technology, will much improve the data management and transfer process for VR design tools; this means that it would make it much easier for users to access their work regardless of their location, enabling multiple users to work on one project at the same time. ‘Data gravity’ – a spectacle that sees large computer files become impossible to download and transfer – is a serious issue in VR, and can delay designers from applying the technology to their projects. The HPVC solution resolves this challenge and can reduce the time required during the concept design stage by up to 50%.


Talking about the development, Christian Reilly, CTO at Citrix®, said: “It is impressive to see how ebb3 is expanding the application of Citrix technology to enhance their solutions for VR users. With ebb3’s cloud-based system, VR design is now available to an even broader array of designers, helping to truly free them from their desks.”




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