Invoice Financing




What is Construction Invoice Financing?


Construction Finance is a funding and support solution for contractors and sub-contractors who provide services to a main contractor. Your clients will receive an on-going source of funding throughout the various stages of a contract, including applications for payment prior to certification.

Is it Right for my business?

Your ability to start new contracts and maintain existing ones relies on a strong cashflow. Expensive upfront labour and material costs often need to be paid before construction work can commence and once underway, day to day business costs still need to be paid at regular intervals.

Late or partial payment can be common place within the construction sector, placing strain on cashflow and your clients ability to meet their own agreed payments.

If the answer to any of the following questions is YES, then you could benefit from our services:

  • Does working under contract, framework agreement or PO affect your cashflow?

  • Does covering weekly wages and materiel costs impact cashflow?

  • Is the uncertainty of not knowing how much will be paid for completed works affecting you?

  • Does late payment for completed works affect you?

  • Are you missing out on work because of a lack of funds?

  • Do you find responsibility / terms and conditions within contracts confusing?


How does it work?


Invoice discounting is similar to factoring, in that it gives you access to cash as you issue new invoices. However, a key difference is that you'll be responsible for collecting your payments, while your use of an invoice factoring product will be kept completely confidential from your customers.



Obviously you don't want your clients knowing your using invoice finance! Thats why our service is 100% confidential and this white labeled service actually works as your team and with your company name and logos.

If you would like further information contact us on the email address below or feel free to call and talk to our Funding Expert:


Tel:  0151 931 5599


If you have any further questions or queries, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Construction and Performance Bond Specialists

Sean Dorgan
Founder and CEO

Construction Bond Specialist, CEO of Nationwide Sureties Ltd (Construction Surety Bond Specialists) and have experience over the last 21 years arranging Bonds and Guarantees for Contractors and Sub-Contractors throughout the United Kingdom and Europe.

Nationwide Sureties Ltd has recently expanded into the international markets offering advice and securing bonding and guarantee arrangements in Afghanistan, Qatar, Djibouti, Iraq,Liberia, Tazania and Central Asia for the benefit of the US Government, US Army Corp of Engineers (USACE) and United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

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Chris Dorgan

I personally have had over 12 years experience within the construction bond brokering industry. I have learned the trade through watching, listening, learning and carefully putting into practice the methods we have established and honed over the last 21 years in order to provide the best service possible.

Within that time I have built up good relations with both our panel of underwriters, who we work closely with on a daily basis, and of course our clients, many of whom return to us time and again.

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