Auditor warns Parliament restoration risks must be addressed

The restoration and renewal programme aims to address major structural and maintenance issues across the palace alongside meeting wider objectives, such as improving access to the palace and protecting its heritage. Parliament has set up a new ‘Sponsor Body‘ from April 2020 to deliver the Programme on its behalf. Today’s (24 April) report looks at the restoration programme at this early stage to identify potential risks and recommend how these may be addressed. Clear objectives need to be agreed to manage the risk of the programme scope later expanding unnecessarily, potentially leading to cost increases and delays. As the programme involves the extensive restoration of an old, heritage buil

COVID-19: Can we build our way out of this?

In the post-pandemic period, can the construction industry become a catalyst for economic recovery? David Edwards of Place-Make believes it can While the health and social care, food and transportation industries battle to get us through this period, the construction sector, like many others, watches on with a mix of concern, hope, nervousness and, above all, gratitude. In what remains a critical phase in the nation’s response to COVID-19, it is difficult to think of anything other than the task at hand – simply to arrive at a post-pandemic period will be enough for now. However, with some positive signs emerging from Southern Europe and parts of the Far East returning to some semblance of n

Construction plant theft surges by 50% as COVID-19 forces sites to close

Tool and plant theft from vehicles and sites has increased by around 50% in the last two weeks, as construction sites shut and scale down in the face of COVID-19 The Construction Equipment Association (CEA), owners of the CESAR scheme – the plant marking and registration initiative – has reported a marked increase in plant and tool theft from both vehicles and site compounds due to COVID-19 site closures. David Smith, chairman of the Combined Industries Theft Solutions (CITS), said: “As a result of the coronavirus situation, some construction sites have been forced to close, and personnel, including on-site security, have left. Under these circumstances, organised criminal gangs may try to e

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